Who are we?

What does our individual behavior have to say about who we are as a country? Are we selfish? Generous? Both, but generous only to our own kind? I want to explore this idea enshrined in our constitution of promoting the general welfare. We are big proponents of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but we also know (or choose to feign ignorance about) that our pursuit of happiness could cause the unhappiness of another. This tension is seen in our economic system with its winners and losers. Our political system is our social contract with one another to promote the general welfare – using our electeds as proxies to negotiate our common interests so that our collective pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness doesn’t inadvertently cause the opposite: death, overlords, and unhappiness. Only thing is, its really darn hard to continue to find these common interests in a pluralistic society of our scope and scale.

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